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Kara Lena is a skincare line is owned by The C.L.E.A.N. Project, Inc, a non-profit that provides free laundry services and personal hygiene products to families in need.  We created Kara Lena with the idea that we could provide a high-quality product at affordable prices while giving back to the community we so love.  We understand, however, that since our charity is local, it may not benefit anyone outside our state lines, so, we decided to go a little bit further in our giving back.  We believe wholeheartedly in the product we provide, and in your willingness to give back to a charity you believe in!

 So, each month we will choose a national/international charity to donate funds to.  We will choose a charity that has the most impact around the world, and donate 20% of the proceeds from our sales.  Those charities can be chosen by you!  Send us an email at info@kara-lena.com and let us know which charities you believe deserve the most help!   With your help, we can change this world one purchase at a time. 


The remainder of the profits from Kara Lena sales will then go into the development of our non-profit so that we too can someday go national!  Our goal is to build and fund free laundromats/hygiene pantries in small towns all over the country someday so that NOONE has to suffer uncleanliness.

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